1-on-1 Coaching for Human Development

The coaching process is a deep dive into who you are. It’s an inquiry into your beliefs, assumptions, and identity. And it’s a reconnection with the parts of you needed to thrive and flourish.

Embarking on the coaching journey means taking on the work. It’s a continuous practice of leaning into every moment as an opportunity to hone yourself, your presence, and your craft.

The coaching will support you in:

The goals will vary. But it’s always about reaching new levels of performance, integrity, fulfillment, and freedom.

Testimonials and results

“I can’t believe HOW big a step I have taken within this short period of time, towards identifying my personal drive and the road leading me forward. It has really surpassed my expectations.

Anyone curious of finding out what drives them as people as well as professionals should reach out to Alex.

He has an extraordinary ability to see you as a person, guiding you to know yourself better, and become conscious of your habits — good and bad.

Alex makes a space of confidence and trust from the beginning, making it very easy to share. But what I most appreciate is his ability to create images and metaphors that stick, and make the coaching come to life far beyond your average bullshit lingo.

Every session creates long-lasting value for your journey ahead.

It has been a truly transformational experience. And I am so grateful of what I have learned and achieved.”


“If I was stranded on a desert island with the one thing you need most to run a startup, I would choose my coach Alex Carabi. By asking the right set of questions he makes me challenge my own goals, beliefs and behaviors to see more clearly and excel in all areas.

He brings out what really drives me, and helps me to approach all those interesting but equally scary opportunities out there.

Coaching with Alex is extremely developmental and insightful. He’s helped me to see clearer, make better decisions, and raise my self awareness.

Reach out to him and I’ll promise you you’ll get a good ride in your own brain and consequently in your personal/professional development.”


“Alex doesn’t give you the answers…but I have walked away from every session with a sense of clarity. Talking to Alex has made me realize that you can’t develop who you are at work without looking at who you are at home, too.”


“Coaching with Alex is impactful and daring. Now I have more faith in myself and what I can accomplish. I’ve embraced my fears. I have taken steps to get closer to my goals. Things are moving.

Alex is an amazing coach. He’s intelligent, compassionate, structured, and professional. You can feel he cares and you can feel how much pride he has in his work.

It changed my life.”


“Alex is amazing to work with. He stays curious and asks questions to look at situations from many angles. He recognizes and voices positives and yet continues to challenge the client to look deeper. Don’t miss out on a fun experience if you ever get a chance to work with Alex.”


“If you’re looking for how to help good people to grow through their leadership for the greater good, then Alex Carabi and Kodawari Coaching is a dynamic, inspired choice. Vibrant energy. Golden boy.”



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