Alex Carabi

Coaching for more connected, embodied, and alive leadership

1-on-1 leadership & personal coaching

Alex Carabi

I’m a coach. I help people on their inner journeys of bringing forth fuller version of themselves—as humans and as leaders.

I work with people from around the world. Through an integrated approach to coaching and trauma work, I support people to learn, heal, and grow. Read more about my 1-on-1 coaching work here.

I also lead Yellow, an online space where small groups come together to learn and explore in a responsive, curriculum-free environment.


“Alex has an extraordinary ability to see you as a person, guiding you to know yourself better, and become conscious of your habits — good and bad. It's been a truly transformational experience.” Miriam Plon Sauer
Executive Strategy Director
“I quickly learned more than I had ever hoped for in my sessions with Alex. I now have tools to help me tackle any decision in life or in business, and a deeper understanding of who I am as a person.” Soroush Hakami
CEO & Co-Founder
“Working with Alex is a wonderful detour from traditional coaches. He cares and he has an incredibly diverse set of tools and frameworks ... Every session I do with him is transformative in some way.” Clarisa Doval
Global Executive


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