Here’s what I’m up to now. Updated December 9th, 2020. (This is a now page)


Most of my time is devoted to coaching. I work with people from around the world.

I’m also taking part in multi-year training programs within:


In the spring of 2020 I founded Yellow, together with Robert Poynton.

It’s a place for curious people to explore. It’s a space for like-hearted people from around the world to expand their minds in small, tight-knit groups. It’s a place to have deep, rich, nourishing conversations that are often hard to come by in daily life.

It’s a blast.

Learn more here.

Warm Data

Every month I co-host an online Warm Data Lab / People Need People session. It’s a place to explore the transcontextual information between us all.

The sessions are free to take part in. Let me know if you’d like to join.


I’m spending most of my time in Berlin, Germany. Let me know if you’re around.


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