Alex Carabi

Coaching for leaders to reach new levels of freedom & impact

1-on-1 executive & personal coaching

Alex Carabi

Alex Carabi is a coach. He helps impact-driven people to achieve more with less, in their pursuit of becoming the best they’re capable of becoming.

Alex coaches leaders, startup founders, investors, and entrepreneurs from around the world. Through deep and transformational 1-on-1 coaching, he supports them to reach higher levels of performance, integrity, and freedom. Read more →


"Alex has an extraordinary ability to see you as a person, guiding you to know yourself better, and become conscious of your habits — good and bad. It's been a truly transformational experience." Miriam Plon Sauer
Strategy Director
“Coaching with Alex is impactful and daring. Now I have more faith in myself and what I can accomplish. I’ve embraced my fears ... It changed my life.” Eduardo Cordon
Social Entrepreneur
“By asking the right set of questions, Alex makes me challenge my own goals, beliefs and behaviors to see more clearly and excel in all areas. He brings out what really drives me” Gustav Bratt
Start-up Founder


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