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The Power of Polarizing Brands

Why the key to being liked is being disliked

There’s an Irish proverb that goes: “if you want an audience, start a fight.” Modern politics would tend to support this claim. But it’s just as relevant when building brands. [...]

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Making Sense of Meaning

A practical guide to a hairy question

Meaning can be a big topic. If you were to paint it as a picture, you’d probably end up with an image of the cosmos — a cloud of stars twisting into the deep realms of space. Most people would agree that meaning, whatever it is, is important. But many people have trouble defining meaning and, above all, finding meaning in their everyday lives. [...]

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Spiritual Enemies

Create your own foes to build character and sharpen strategy

At the height of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln stood at a podium and delivered a typically eloquent speech. He pleaded with the crowd for equanimity, and declared the Southerners as his fellow human beings. An elderly lady called out in response, bitterly urging him to label them as enemies that must be destroyed. “Why madam,” Lincoln replied, “do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” [...]

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