Alex Carabi

Alex Carabi

Hi. I'm Alex Carabi.

I’m a certified coach and the founder of Kodawari Coaching.

I help impact-driven people to achieve more with less, in their pursuit of becoming the best they’re capable of becoming.

I coach leaders, startup founders, and entrepreneurs from around the world.

My approach to coaching is based on subtraction, integration, and restoration. I challenge clients to rethink their version of reality. We dig deep to uncover who they really are, what they want to achieve, and what’s in the way. And we’re always moving into new, unchartered territory. Because that’s where true growth occurs.

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Apart from coaching, I write and research about all aspects of the human experience—from performance and development to philosophy and meaning. I also publish a monthly newsletter that will help you to rethink.

You can read more about me here.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden.