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Symphonies of Symbolism

How tiny objects can wield outsized influence

Research shows that feeling powerless or experiencing a lack of control decreases happiness and well-being. Without a sense of control, we feel helpless. We crave influence and efficacy. We all want to make our own meaningful mark on the world. On this quest towards influence, something that we often underestimate is our use of symbols. [...]

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Organizational Tribes

A tribal approach to belonging and well-being for business

There’s an organization from years past that never fails to inspire me. It fostered complete satisfaction and relentless loyalty among its members. Even members who joined after the most hostile of takeovers became devoted followers of the organization. In fact, recruits became so loyal that when offered the chance to leave for huge economic gains, they always chose to stay. [...]

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The Power of Polarizing Brands

Why the key to being liked is being disliked

There’s an Irish proverb that goes: “if you want an audience, start a fight.” Modern politics would tend to support this claim. But it’s just as relevant when building brands. [...]

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