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My Book “On Relationality” Is Out Now

May 15, 2023

My new book is out now. It’s called On Relationality: Lessons from Martin Buber on Living in Relation with Self, Others, the World, and Life Itself.

You can buy the paperback version here or the digital version here. (These are US links – see below for a full list of countries).

The book is about the relational nature of reality, and how we can embody different stances toward what we meet in leadership and the rest of life.

It’s inspired by the work of philosopher Martin Buber (1878-1965). His ideas hit me hard when I read them a few years back. His claim—that we are always relating, all of the time—provides a powerful lens with which to view both our society at large and our interpersonal relationships closer to home.

Much of modern life is defined by objectifying relationships. We easily treat ourselves as machines, other people as objects, and the planet as a resource to plunder.

But there are other ways we can relate with what we meet. Whether we’re a leader relating to employees, or a citizen of the world relating to the planet, we have within us the capacity to relate in more intimate, even sacred ways. The only question is how.

From the philosophical to the practical, this book is a culmination of what I’ve learned working with relational approaches in coaching, facilitation, and therapeutic trauma work. With additional inspiration from the likes of Iain McGilchrist, Otto Scharmer, Thomas Hübl, Carlo Rovelli, and Lao Tzu, the book lays out how to engage in more transparent communication and genuine dialogue – with yourself, others, the world, and life itself.

And, worth noting: it’s a slim volume, designed to be readable in one or two sittings.

You can download Chapter 1 free here.

Here are links to the get the book:

Let me know if you decide to read it. I’d be excited to hear your response.


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